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Particulars of Organization, Functions & Duties
[Section-4 (1) (b) (i)]
1. Aims and Objectives of the Organisation:
To look after the health, sanitation, water supply, roads, safety and public convenience of the citizen of the urban inhabitants. This includes improvement and up-gradation of the socio-economical status of the Urban Poors'.

2. Mission/Vision:
Local Self Government under the statute consisting of the local people as representatives to the Council for carrying out the functions as provided under the Orissa Municipal Act/Rules, for the public health, safety and convenience of the citizens of the town. The Primary object of Koraput Municipality is to take up all weather connectivity and communication facility, street light facility and water supply to 21 wards including development of all slum pockets. To promote skill up-gradation and self employment of urban poor and creation of labour intensive work inside slum potential area. The following objectives have been outlined.

I. Gainful employment of un-employed/ under employed urban poor through self employment ventures/ wage employment. II. Creation of community structures in urban basic service programme patterns.
III. Delivery inputs through community structure by involving women.

3. History and Background for its Establishment:
This N.A.C was constituted in accordance with the Notification No.5805/LSG dated 30.06.1953 of Govt. in LSG Deptt., Odisha with effect from 1.7.1953. But this notification was kept in abeyance and another Notification No.5813 dated 30.06.1953 cancelling the establishment of Union Board in Koraput was issued by Govt. of Madras under Local Board Act and the constitution of Koraput NAC was given effect from 1.07.1953 vide notification No.6035/LSG dated 3.7.1953 of Development Deptt., Govt. of Orissa.

HOUSING & URBAN DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT NOTIFICATION The 24th February, 2014S.R.O. No.70/2014— Whereas the Governor of Odisha in exercise of the powers conferred by clause (2) of Article 243 Q of the Constitution of India read with sub-section(2) of Section 4 of the Odisha Municipal Act, 1950 (Odisha Act 23 of 1950 ), has specified the local area comprising the whole of the Koraput Notified Area in the district of Koraput as a Smaller Urban Area in the notification of the Government of Odisha in the Housing &Urban Development Department No. 4869/HUD., Dated the 24th February, 2014.Now, therefore, in pursuance of clause (b) of sub-section (1) of Section 4 of the said Act, the State Government do here by constitute a Municipal Council for the aforesaid Smaller Urban Area with existing boundaries with effect from the date of issue of the Odisha Gazette . Its comprising of ten revenue villages viz-

1) Kumbha-II
2) Chindri
3) Kumbha-I
4) Landiguda
5) Disari Kharaguda
6) Dangadeula
7) Tentuliguda
8) Koraput Nagar
9) Odiyaguda
10) Kanheiput.

This Municipality has been divided into 21 wards basing on equitable population and geographical condition having 47,024 as per 2011 census. The following wards of the Municipality have been reserved for the communities viz-

1) Ward No. I (Schedule Caste)
2) Ward No. II, III, V, VIII, IX, X, XII, (Un-reserved)
3) Ward No. XVI and XIX (Schedule Tribe)
4) Ward No. XVII, XVIII (Schedule Tribe-Women)
5) Ward No. IV, VI, VII, XI, XIII, XIV, XV (Women)
6) Ward No. XX, XXI (S.C) (Women)

4. Organization Chart:
The Koraput Municipality is the head of the Department as per Rule 428 of Orissa Municipal Rules, 1953. The Chairperson is the head of the Department. The Executive Officer is the Controlling Officer. The following sections work under this Municipality.

1) General Office Establishment headed by a Senior Assistant.

2) Bills, Budget & accounts managed by Senior Assistant and Accountant.

3) Cash section managed by a Homeo Assistant. The Cashier is dealing with Election, Census, Establishment, Stock Store of Receipt Book, Booking of Town Hall and Kalyan Mandap.

4) Public Works section: The Municipal Engineer is heads of this section & One J.E & one Work Sarkar is attached to assist the M.E & J.E. One BRGF J.E has been attached to Work Section. Asst Engineer of PH Division is working as Municipal engineer of this Municipality

5) Tax Section: One Octroi Tax Sarkar is working as Tax Daroga, Gr. II & has been assigned the duty for maintenance of Demand, Collection and Balance. He is dealing with water supply, Marriage Regn.Certificate & Towers. Three Tax Collectors and one Octroi Tax Sarkar are collecting taxes from 21 wards.

6) License Section: One Octroi Tax Sarkar is dealing with licence and lease files and collecting licence and fees from shop Room. One Treasury Sarkar is collecting licence fee under Dangerous and Offensive Trades Carts and Carriage Licence fee and supervising the work of Municipality Sweeper/Sweepers of ward No.XVII to XXI, He is dealing booking of water Tankar & Septic Tank Cleaner.

7) Vital Statistics: One V.S Clerk is dealing with issue of Online Generated Birth and Death Certificates.

8) Sanitation: One MPHS (M) is kept in-charge as Sanitary Inspector to Supervise the Sanitation work in Koraput Municipality area. He supervises the work Pvt. Sanitation work from ward no to XVI.

9) Office Establishment: One Homeo Assistant has been assigned the duty to deal with personal files of Municipality Estt.
10) One computer Operator has been entrusted for computerization of office matter.

5. Location of Business: Koraput Municipal council

6. Duties to be performed to achieve the Mission: As per the provisions of Orissa Municipal Act 1950 and Orissa Municipal Rules-1953.

7. Details of Services Rendered: Sanitation, street lighting, water supply, Construction of Roads, Drains, Culvert & maintenance of water reservoirs and well etc.

8. Citizens Interaction: By organizing awareness meeting on L.S.G. Day and other occasion.

9. Postal Address of the Main Office, Attached/Sub-ordinate Office/Field units etc.: Koraput Municipal Council, At/Po-Koraput Municipality, Dist. - Koraput, Pin-764020 email

10. Working Hours both for Office and Public: Office Hours: 10.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. Lunch breaks 1:30 P.M to 2.00 P.M Sanitation Programme: 6.00 A.M. to 11.00 A.M. & 2.00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M. & during summer: 6.00 A.M. to 1P.M.

11. Public Interaction, if any: By organizing awareness meeting on L.S.G. Day and other occasions.
Powers & Duties of Officers & Employees
[Section-4 (1) (b) (ii)]
Sl.No Name Designation Powers Duties
Administrative Financial Statutory
1 Sri. Goura Chandra Patnaik Executive Officer Yes Yes Yes  
2 Vacant Head Asst-1 Yes No Yes  
3   Senior Asst-2 Yes No Yes  
Head Asst-1        
4   Junior Asst-4 No No Yes  
5 Ashok Kumar Saha Asst. Record Keeper No No No Dealing with UC, BRGF Scheme, JNNURM, Stock stores of electrical and stationeries, auspicious days, Registration of Society.
6 Kabi Chandra Mohanty Work Sarkar No No No Attach to Work Section to assist the JE.
7 Sk. Basiruddin Treasury Sarkar No No No Attached to Birth and Death Section
8 Monoj Kumar Patra Asst. Engineer Yes No Yes Preparation of Plan and estimate and supervision of works.
9 Narmada Sahoo Contractual Junior engineer (BRGF) Yes No Yes Preparation of Plan and estimate of BRGF Scheme
10 Sri. Durga Madhab Sahoo. Accountant Yes No Yes Accounts and DEBAS Accounting System.
11 Mery Dolly Jena MIS Computer Programmer No No No E-Governance. & MIS Officer.
12 Kali kinkar Acharya   No No No Data Entry on BRGF Scheme.
13 Bharat Kumar Halba MPHS Sanitary Inspector Yes No Yes Supervision of Sanitation work
14 Parikhita Sahoo Tax Collector No No No Collection of Taxes from ward no 7, 13.
15 Gobardhan Hontal Tax Collector No No No Collection of Taxes from ward no 8,9
16 Bhaskar Chandra Champati Lighter No No No To maintain street light
17 Chakradhar Sethi Octroi Tax Sarkar No No No Collection of Stall License, lease and D.A stall in charge section
18 Rabindranath Nayak Octroi Tax Sarkar No No No Dealing with DCB, Issue of Marriage Certificate, water Connection (Permission).
19 Biswanath Moharana Octroi Tax Sarkar No No No Collection of taxes and fees & other attach to office
20 Remesh Chandra Polai Octroi Tax Sarkar No No No Attached to work Section. To work as work Sarkar & Collection of Park Entry fee from R.G.Park
21 Smt. Rasmita Dash Contractual UCDN Community Organiser Yes Yes Yes All poverty alleviation programmed under (NULM), & Social Welfare Pension.
22 Vacant Homoeo Doctor (Vacant) Yes No Yes Diagnostic the patients
23 Simanchal Podhiary Homoeo Asst. No No No Distribute the medicine prescribed by the Doctor As well as dealing with the establishment section, election, census, and Cashier In charge.
24 Bangaraj Pani Homoeo Peon No No No  Working as Gardner of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Park.
25 Promod Kumar Polai Issue and Diary Section No No No  Issue and diary of letters.
Procedure Followed in Decision Making Process
[Section-4 (1) (b) (iii)]
Sl. No Activity Level Of Action Time Frame
1 To receive application and put a diary number One OTS Engaged in this work Within 3 days
2 To mark application to concerned Section One Senior Asst. Engaged in this work Within 3 days
3 To dispose of the letter Dealing Assistant of concerned Section 2-7 days
Norms for Discharge of Functions
[Section-4 (1) (b) (IV)]
Sl. No Activity Time Frame/ Norm Remarks
1 Diary of Letter 3-5 Minute per Letter Within 3 days
2 Dispatch of Letter 20 Minute per Letter Registered dak including entry in messenger book
3 Typing job Dealing Assistant of concerned Section 2-7 days
Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manuals & Records for Discharging Functions
[Section-4 (1) (b) (v)]
Sl. No Name of Act, Rules, Regulations etc Brief Gist of Contents Reference No. if Any Price in Case of Priced Publications
1 Municipal Act,1950 Urban Local Body Related Matters    
2 Municipal Rules,1953 Urban Local Body Related Matters    
3 Registration of Birth and death Act,1969.The Orissa Registration of Birth and Death Rules,2001 Birth and Death related matters    
Registration of Marriage Certificate Marriage Registration Act    
5 Right Public Service Right Public service related    
Categories of Documents under Control
[Section-4 (1) (b) (v)]
Sl. No Nature of Record      Details of Information Available Unit/Section where Available Retention Period where Available
1 Cash Book Acquaintance Roll Details of receipt and expenditure & staff salary bill etc Accounts Section 12 years
2 Details of Service Particulars of staff Establishment section Establishment section 12 years
3 D.C.B. & Collection record maintain Details of collection and supervision    
4 Maintenance of case record & stock and store (Dev) Details of records maintain in development section Public Work Section. 7 years
5 Receipt of cash received from collection staffs Details of collection etc. Cashier 7 years
6 Receipt and Issue Register Letter receipt & dispatch Issue and Dispatch Section  
Particulars of Arrangement in Formulation of Policy
[Section-4 (1) (b) (vii)]
Sl. No Name and Address of the Consultative Committees/Bodies Constitution of the Committee Body Role and Responsibility Frequency Meetings
1 Koraput Municipality Council including ,One Chairperson, One Vice-Chairperson As Contemplated in municipal manual Monthly
Name of Chairperson, Vice-Chair person & Councilors:
Sl. No Nature    Designation Contact No. Address
1 Sri. Bhagban Bahinipati Chairperson 8327773153 W.No-10
2 Smt. Sanjulata Raut Vice-Chairperson 9439330877 W.No-11
3 Maheswar Bagh Councillor 9668581049 W.No-01
4 Rama Chandra Majhi Councillor 9437535668 W.No-02
5 Monoj Kumar Panda Councillor 9437338082 W.No-03
6 Ku. Lili Burudi Councillor 8763620539 W.No-04
7 Smt. Ambika Sandha Councillor 9777336061 W.No-06
8 Sri. Somnath Pujari Councillor 9439285780 W.No-07
9 Sri. Satyajit Dash Councillor 9438815011 W.No-08
10 Sri. Biswa Bhusan Pattnaik Councillor 9438477772 W.No-09
11 Sri. G Vijay Kumar Rao Councillor 9437212801 W.No-05
12 Smt. Chandra Prabha Hial Councillor 7852963129 W.No-12
13 Smt. Monisha Viswasi Councillor 9777330856 W.No-13
14 Smt. Pratima Muduli Councillor 9090179793 W.No-14
15 Sri. Padlam Jani Councillor 9668448025 W.No-15
16 Ku. Laxmi Muduli Councillor 7994645781 W.No-16
17 Ku. Nila Pujari Councillor 8763130739 W.No-17
18 Sri. Sundar Badanayak Councillor 8260418263 W.No-18
19  Smt. Laxmi Kumari Khosla Councillor 9438131337 W.No-19
20 Ku.Tuni Khora Councilor Councillor 9438705444 W.No-20
Boards, Councils, Committees & Other Bodies Constituted
[Section-4 (1) (b) (viii)]
Sl. No Name & Address of the Body Main Function of the Body Constitution of the Body Date of Constitution Date Up to which valid Whether Meeting Open to Public
1 Koraput Municipality Council including ,One Chairperson, One Vice-Chairperson As Contemplated in municipal manual Monthly    

Sl. No Whether Minutes Accessible to Public Frequency of Meeting Remarks
1 No Monthly As Contemplated in municipal manual
Directory of Officers & Employees
[Section-4 (1) (b) (ix)]
Sl. No Name Designation Office Phone No. Home Fax E-Mail Address
1 Mr. Goura Chandra Patnaik Executive Officer 9437434969        
2 Mr. Promod Kumar Polai Jr. Asst.(I/C) 7873233954        
3 Monoj Kumar Patro Asst. Engineer 9437260072        
4 Mrs. Narmada Sahoo Jr. Engineer (BRGF) 9438017683        
5 Smt. Rasmita Behera Community Organiser(UCDN) 9438171239        
6 Ashok Kumar Saha Asst. Record Keeper 9938184460        
7 Sk. Baseerudin Treasury Sarkar 9437871624        
8 Bhaskara Chandra Chamapati Lighter 9439775258        
9 Durga Madhab Sahoo Accountant 9861138445        
10 Mery Dolly Jena MIS Programmer 8895525186        
11 A.V.R Murty Patnaik Computer Operator. 9937664790        
12 Parikihta Sahu Tax Collector 9439177790        
13 Chakradhar Sethi OTS 8763469812        
14 Rabindra Nath Nayak OTS 8895680434        
15 Gobardhan Hantal OTS 9439559409        
16 Ramesh Chandra Polai OTS          
17 Simanchal Podhiary Homoeo Asst.          
18 Bharat Kumar Halba MPHS (M) Sanitary Inspector          
19 Loknath Bagh Tractor Driver          
Monthly Remuneration & Compensation of Officers & Employees
[Section-4 (1) (b) (x)]
Sl. No Name Designation Monthly Remuneration Compensation/Compensatory Allowance The Procedure to Determine the Remuneration as given in the Regulation
1 Mr. Goura Chandra Patnaik Executive Officer 53065    
2 Pramod Kumar Polai Jr. Asst (I/C) 7810    
3 Rasmita Dash Community Organiser 13200    
4 Monoj Kumar Patra Asst. Engineer 55499    
5 Narmada Sahoo Contractual Jr. Engineer (BRGF) 13500    
6 Mery Dolly Jena MIS Computer Programmer 13500    
7 Durga Madhab Sahoo Accountant (BRGF) 15000    
8 Ashok Kumar Saha Asst. Record Keeper 26201    
9 Sk. Basiruddin Treasury Sarkar 25901    
10 Parikhita Sahoo Tax Collector 28682    
11 Kabi Chandra Mohanty Work Sarkar 27146    
12 Bhaskar Chandra Champati Lighter 24550    
13 Chakardhar Sethi OTS 27996    
14 Gobardhan Hontal OTS 28477    
15 Rabindra Nath Nayak OTS 27423    
16 Biswanath Maharana OTS 27660    
17 Ramesh Chandra Polai OTS 27423    
18 Simanchal Podhiary Homoeo Assistant 26951    
19 Bibhudaya Khora Peon 24962    
20 Sasi Jani Peon 24962    
21 Nityananda Nayak Office Night Watcher 24520    
22 Bangaraj Pani Homoeo Peon 24520    
23 S. Neetaji Patnaik Octroi Peon 24520    
24 Sibaram Sahu Octroi Peon 24536    
25 Kailash Chandra Acharya Octroi Peon 24520    
26 Nrusinghanath Samantray Octroi Peon 24962    
27 Hrisikesh Bhoi Octroi Peon 24096    
28 Rangabati Pradhan Octroi Peon 23726    
29 Loknath Bagh Tractor Driver 31400    
30 Damburudhar Khilla Sweeper 24962    
31 Haribandhu Paraja Sweeper 24520    
32 Dasarathi Paraja Sweeper 24962    
33 Dhanapati Paraja Sweeper 24962    
34 axmi Bagh Sweeper 24520    
35 Mahendra Kumar Panth Sweeper 25238    
36 Donguru Majhi Sweeper 22168    
37 Dambu Bhoi Sweeper 24096    
38 Raghu Paraja Sweeper 21443    
39 Hari Muduli Sweeper 24341    
40 Prativa Choudhury Sweeper 18266    
41 Saita Paraja Sweeper 24193    
42 Papa Bagh Sweeper 23768    
43 Hirbina Bagh Sweeper 23317    
44 Dhanurjaya Majhi Sweeper 6000    
45 Guru Muduli Sweeper 6000    
46 Purba Jani Sweeper 6000    
47 Kusa Paraja   7200    
48 Kanchanamala Nayak   6000    
49 A.V.Raman Murty Patnaik Computer Operator 7200    
49 Malabika Patnaik Aquarium Care Taker 4440    
Budget Allocated to each Agency
[Section-4 (1) (b) (xi)] Budget Estimate of Probable Receipts of Koraput Municipality for 2014-15
Sl. No Head of Receipt Estimate for the Year 2016-17 Sanctioned Estimate for 2015-16 Actual Receipts for the Year Last Completed
1 Rates & Taxes 2578374.00 221000.00 5088750.00
2 Fees and user Charges 576400.00 3829000.00 516900.00
3 Sales and hire charges   1411000.00 2450000.00 1198176.00
4 Misc.  2500000.00 2000000.00  2132288.00
5 Other income   0.00 500000.00 2000000.00 0
6 Capital receipt   85728924.00 141930000.00 100992244.00

Sl. No Head of Expenditure Estimate for the Year 2016-17 Sanctioned Estimate for 2015-16 Actual Expenditure for
1 Establishment cost 27260160.00 17862764.00 23270379.00
2 Administrative expenses 2080000.00 2848500.00 2132168.00
3 Operation and maintenance  47050000.00 56752000.00 28857379.00
4 Capital Expenditure 78417100.00 65900000.00  25384763.00
Manner of Execution of Subsidy Programmes
[Section-4 (1) (b) (xii)] 2012-13
Sl. No Name and Address of the Institution Purpose for which Subsidy Provided Amount of Subsidy Scheme and Criterion for Selection No. of Time Subsidy Given in Past with Purpose
2013-14- National Urban Livelihood Mission(NULM)
1 Andhra Bank NULM 245507.51 516900.00  
Particulars of Recipients of Concessions, Permits or Authorizations Granted
[Section-4 (1) (b) (xiii)]
Note: Creation of database and its hosting on website should be done on priority basis for activities like issue of authorizations, grant of concessions, Licenses etc.
Information Available in an Electronic Form
[Section-4 (1) (b) (xiv)]
Particulars of Facilities Available to Citizens for Obtaining Information
[Section-4 (1) (b) (xv)]
Sl. No Facility Available Nature of Information Available Working Hours
1 Information Counter No 10.00 AM to 1.30PM & 2.00PM to5.00 PM
2 Website Yes -
3 Library  Yes -
4 Notice Board Notice Board 10.AM to5 PM.
Names, Designations & Other Particulars of the Public Information Officers
[Section-4 (1) (b) (xv)]
Public Information Authority:
Sl. No Name Designation STD Code Phone No. Fax E-Mail Address Demarcation of Area/ Activities if more than one PIO is there
Office Home
1 Durga Madhab Sahoo Accountant 06852 250629 9861138445 250629   Koraput Municipality Within Municipality area

Sl. No Name Designation STD Code Phone No. Fax E-Mail Address Demarcation of Area/ Activities if more than one PIO is there
Office Home
1 Sri. Goura Chandra Patnaik Executive Officer, Koraput Municpality 06852 250629 9437434969 250629 koraputn.hud @ nic .in Koraput Municipality Koraput Municipality Within Municipality area
Other Useful Information
[Section-4 (1) (b) (xvii)]
All other information's may be prescribed for dissemination shall be collated, tabulated, compiled, collected and provided in the form of manual from time to time. Related to seeking Information:
Incumbency List of Public Information Authority:
Sl. No Name Designation Phone No From-to
1 Durga Madhab Sahoo Accountant 9861138445 2016 to till date
Incumbency List of First Appellate Authority:
Sl. No Name Designation STD Code E-Mail
1 Sri. Goura Chandra Patnaik Executive Officer 9437437969 2017 to till date
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