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Creation of Koraput Municipality
This Municipality (erstwhile Koraput N.A.C) was constituted in accordance with the Notification No.5805/LSG, Dated.30.06.1953 of Govt. in L.S.G. Department, Orissa with effect from 01-07-53. But this notification was kept in abeyance and another Notification No. 5813 Dated 30.06.1953 cancelling the establishment of Union Board in Koraput was issued by Govt. of Madras under Local Board Act and the constitution of Koraput Municipality, was given effect from 01-07-1953 vide Notification No. 6035/LSG Dated 03.07.1953 of Development Department, Govt. of Orissa. Now Koraput Municipality upgraded to Koraput Municipality vide Gazette Notification No. S.R.O. No.70/2014 Dated. 24.02.2014 comprising of 10 (Ten) nos. of Revenue village viz:-

1. Kumbha-II
2. Chindri
3. Kumbha-I
4. Landiguda.
5. Disarikharaguda.
6. Dangadeula.
7. Tentuliguda.
8. Koraput Nagar.
9. Odiyaguda.
10. Kanheiput.

This Municipality has been divided into 21 wards basing on equitable population and geographical condition having 47,024 as per 2011 census. The following wards of the Municipality have been reserved for the communities viz:-

1) Ward No. I (Schedule Caste)
2) Ward No. II (Schedule Caste-Women)
3) Ward No. VIII and XV (Schedule Tribe)
4) Ward No. XIII (Schedule Tribe-Women)
5) Ward No. IV, XII and XIV (Women)
6) Ward No. III, V, VI, VII, IX, X & XI (Un-reserved).

3. Organisation Chart:
The Koraput Municipality is the head of the Department as per Rule 428 of Odisha Municipal Rules, 1953. The Chairperson is the head of the Department.

The Executive Officer is the Controlling Officer. The following sections work under this Municipality

1) General Office Establishment headed by a Senior Assistant.
2) Bills, Budget & accounts managed by Junior Assistant.
3) Cash section managed by a Junior Assistant. The Cashier is dealing with Water Supply, Red Cross and Marriage Registration Certificate.
4) Public Works section:- The Junior Engineer is heads of this section & one Work Sarkar is attached to assist the JE. One BRGF J.E has been attached to Work Section.
5) Tax Section:- One Octroi Tax Sarkar has been assigned the duty for maintenance of Demand Collection and Balance. Three Tax Collectors and one Octroi Tax Sarkar are collecting taxes from 15 wards.
6) License Section:- One Octroi Tax Sarkar is dealing with licence and lease files and collecting licence and fees, One Octroi Tax Sarkar is collecting licence fee under Dangerous and Offensive Trades, One Octroi Tax Sarkar is collecting cards and carriage licence.
7) Vital Statistics:- One Octroi Tax Sarkar is dealing with issue of Birth and Death Certificates.
8) Sanitation:- One MPHS (M) is kept in-charge as Sanitary Inspector to Supervise the Sanitation work in Koraput NAC area. He supervises the work of 27 sweepers/sweepers, three nos of tractors, two nos of Auto Tipper, Two nos of Dumper Bin, One Fogging Machine, and One Cess pool tanker. He is being assisted by one Treasury Sarkar, One Octroi Peon, and One Senior Sweeper.
9) Office Establishment:- One Homoeo Assistant has been assigned the duty to deal personal files of Municipality staff.
10) One computer Assistant and one Assistant Programmer-cum-DEO (BRGF) has been entrusted for computerisation of office matter.

4. Location of Business: Koraput Municipality
5. Duties to be performed to achieve the Mission:
As per the provisions of Odisha Municipal Act 1950 and Odisha Municipal Rules-1953.
6. Details of Services Rendered:
Sanitation, street lighting, water supply, providing roads, drains, culvert, maintenance of water reservoirs and well etc.
7. Citizens Interaction:
By organizing awareness meeting on L.S.G. Day and other occasion.
8. Postal Address of the Main Office, Attached/Sub-ordinate Office/Field units etc:
Notified Area Council, At/Po-Koraput NAC, Dist- Koraput, Pin-764020
9. Working Hours both for Office and Public:
Office Hours: 10.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.
Sanitation Programme: 6.00 A.M. to 11.00 A.M. & 2.00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M. & during Summer: 6.00 A.M. to 1P.M.
10. Public Interaction, if any:
By organizing awareness meeting on L.S.G. Day and other occasions.
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