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Festival Parab

Koraput is a town and a Municipality in Koraput District in the Indian state of Odisha. This district is a part of the tribal belt in southern Odisha. Most of the area was under thick forest cover until a few years ago. Many aboriginal tribes live in this district..In the month of November (2nd-3rd week),a famous festival of tribals DONGAR FESTIVAL or PARAB is being celebrated every year which showcases the typical life of tribals inhabiting.HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, a defence enterprise of the Government of India) is only 15 km from Koraput town. The HAL factory makes military aircraft engines for MIG and expanding for Sukhoi assembly line

Municipality level Festival- PARAB

PARAB is mother of all district festivals. Every year PARAB is expanding its arm large. Koraput region, being the mosaic of tribal life and culture and heritage of the Country, specific emphasis is being given to highlight the cultural heritage through PARAB, the Annual Festival of Koraput District and to establish it as National Festival of indigenous people and festival of tribals aiming to attract large number of tourists both domestic and foreign. With the above objectives PARAB is being organized by District Council of Culture, Koraput during the month of October-November. Since inception of PARAB in Koraput, exhibitions have been a part of the Main Festival with Gramashree Mela by CAPART being held in 1997 and Crafts Mela and Pallishree Mela held in 1998, and Rural Technology Fair and Crafts Mela in 2000. The main objectives of these exhibitions have been:

To enable the rural producers to get direct exposure to the market and get feed back from the end users.
To provide a chance to the general public to buy art and craft of different regions directly from the producers.
To provide marketing channel for Swarojagaries assisted by various Government anti-poverty programmes.

Exhibitions conducted during all these years have been highly successful in achieving the above objectives. Rural Technology fair held during PARAB, 2000 has been instrumental in identification of few rural technologies relevant for our area and few technologies like Dal processing (CFIRI Mini Dal Mill) and leaf plate making have already been adopted by Self Help Groups of the district.

PARAB has Sports and Cultural events, Quiz, Essay and Debate competitions among the High School students, competitions among the physically disabled persons and students of NCLP schools. Craft Mela, Artist Camp, Seminar, Book-Fair, Mountain Trekking on Deomali Hill Rance, the highest mountain peak of Odisha, Natyotsav, etc to make PARAB a great occasion. In PARAB, the conduct of competitions in traditional tribal events like tribal music, dance, art and crafts, traditional sports, etc. help in the conservation and development of rich artistic and cultural traditions and heritage against the threat of extinction because of rapid industrialization, urbanization, modernization and cultural invasion.

This month-long festival from G.P. level to District level involves thousands of talented artists and sportspersons. This mega cultural event of the Council, with such noble objectives, is a unique in the State of Odisha may in the Country.

PARAB also aims at the preservation of rich cultural heritage and indigenous identity of the tribal that was never given due exposure and recognition, was adequately highlighted. Competitions and programmes in traditional events of music, tribal dances, folk dances, songs, etc helped in the preservation of tribal cultural heritage of this region.

PARAB, a festival of District Council of Culture, Koraput is not mere a programme for the search of hidden talents in the rural areas in the field of art, culture and crafts but it is a project to promote and protect rich traditional art, crafts and culture of this vast region. The great sensation and competitive spirit developed in the rural areas through PARAB helped in conducting cultural activities in their environment and also preserving their art and crafts milieu so as to ensure the continuity to the traditions of tribal art and crafts.

PARAB became most popular festival of the district has brought a cultural movement in the State. Following it, many districts started celebrating festivals in a competitive manner.
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